A full stack developer specialized in frontend and mobile dev

More than 7 years of experience

Master JavaScript in backend and frontend app

I have been designing, coding and maintaining applications using JavaScript since 2015 and the ES6 tsunami in the JavaScript world. I'm used to work on small apps using VanillaJS and larger cloud native applications that need to scale up.

I believe that JavaScript is the language that can suit most of the issues my client are facing. That's why I learnt and tried to master it either on the frontend and the backend side of things.

5 iOS apps developed for leading tech companies

Master Swift in backend and frontend app

I'm primarily an iOS application developer. I first learned Objective-C and then switched to Swift when Apple released it.

Let's make things clear: I know JavaScript but when it comes to mobile application, I believe in the superiority of native languages like Swift and Java. That's why I recommend my client to go for native technologies rather than hybrid languages.

I really love this language (Swift) which was build on the best of python, C/C++ and JavaScript with all the Objective-C legacy. It is so great that I decided to learn it as a backend language too.

Previous Experiences

Lead Software Engineer · Ferpection

Sep 2018 - Mar 2023 · 4 years 7 months

Built the frontend of the user research platform and some of the internal tools used at Ferpection.

Built no-code automations using Zapier.

Skills : English · React.js · Apollo GraphQL · Software Architecture · JavaScript

Javascript & iOS Software Engineer, DevOps · Econocom

Nov 2015 - Aug 2018 · 2 years 10 months

Dev : Mobility and Javascript technologies referent at the Econocom service center, I work on the design, costing, architecture and development phases of iOS projects and front/back/full Javascript projects.

DevOps: Implementation of continuous integration / deployment platforms. Automation of tasks. Support for developers on Git, Docker, GitLab CI technologies, etc...

Skills : Angular · Swift · Objective-C · Software Architecture · JavaScript

JavaScript Trainer · ORT Lyon

Feb 2017 - Jan 2018 · 12 months

Trainer of a class of 14 students in Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). Writing of course materials. Reviews & evaluation of acquired knowledge.

Skills : Javascript ES3-5 · Javascript ES6+ · jQuery · AngularJS · NodeJS · Docker · ExpressJS · Pug (Jade)

Web Developer, Software & Embedded System Developer · Winciel

Aug 2013 - Oct 2015 · 2 years 3 months

Development of Php, C, M.Access, Vb modules, around the main solution sold by the company. Development of specific applications for certain customers. Co-development on a project concerning the creation of an embedded system for building boilers.

Skills : PHP · JavaScript · Java · C11 · Python

Web Developer, Web Designer · Crédit Agricole

Feb 2012 - Mar 2013 · 1 year 2 months

Deployment and improvement of the site dedicated to members. Creation of the website https://societaire-reunion.fr

Creation of a library of advertising banners, websites in collaboration with the marketing department, advertising posters intended for printing. Modification and participation in the life of the site https://ca-reunion.fr

Skills : PHP · JavaScript · WordPress · Photoshop · InDesign

Need a website or an application? I can help you build your next project.

A flat rate pricing adapted to your project

Or a €700 daily rate for long term mission

Whether it's setting up your e-commerce site with Shopify, developing a business plugin for your CMS, or designing a complete application "from scratch", I offer you a budgeted turnkey service, from the start.

For large web or mobile development projects, I can also set up a team of qualified developers to offer you a quality solution in a reasonable time and price.

If you prefer to work with me in management (service in the client's teams), the pricing applied will be an average daily rate of 700 euros. I can thus integrate your development team as a Senior Lead Developer and help you achieve your goals.

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Some feedback

Nathanaël carried out the development of my website, the migration of data and the installation of a secure server in the cloud.

The service was carried out quickly, communication was easy and my expectations were well taken into account, even for last minute changes.

Nathanaël knows how to adapt to the customer!"

Maëva · CEO Travel & Food

"Nathanaël is a developer like no other: passionate, precise, and very mature. Very pedagogical, he knew how to supervise me during my internship, and allowed me to develop my skills quickly and efficiently.

By never losing sight of good practices, he allows the whole team to achieve quality code, and to make the best use of all the tools.

A resource for the whole team and even for other teams, he takes the time to always do well, and takes the success of projects to heart."

Clementine · Software Engineer

Rare developer, who watches and understands how different technologies and frameworks work. Why choose a developer who stupidly uses technology when you can choose one who fully understands it?

Sasha · Frontend Developer

"Nathanaël is a person passionate about his job, a teacher and very friendly. I worked with him on several projects. He shows great curiosity, even in design.

His calm, in-depth knowledge and good humor make him a valued colleague.

A designer-developer collaboration as we wish!"

Sayuli · UX Designer

"Nathanaël is a passionate developer with very high standards and exceptional abilities. I was delighted to work with him."

Antonio · Senior Developer

"An honor to have been able to work with him. A person with whom I learned a lot.

Whether on a technical or organizational level, Nathanaël made me evolve.

A very professional person who goes to the end of his missions and whom I had the pleasure of meeting and who enriches a team. Always good advice to move forward on a project."

Paul · Backend Developer

"Working with Nathanaël is an immense pleasure: curious, passionate, guarantor of good practices, he pushes an entire team to its best.

Quickly within Econocom, he became essential on all cross-functional topics such as continuous integration, versioning, automated testing.

Excellent iOS and JS developer, do not hesitate to read his blog which is a technical nugget."

Coline · Lead Developer