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I have been coding since 2005 and doing it profesionally since 2013. That's what I share with my community: my developer/entrepreneur journey.

My followers see where I work, how my setup evolves, my frustrations fixing bugs and how my career changes. Between all of this, I share my daily cafeinated drinks.

Instagram is where most of my community is. They are mostly geeks of all levels who love great workplaces, setups, productivity/coding tips and coffee.

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My community is built on an aquisition funnel that garanty the most value to the most engaged members. It is designed to work on four levels and make you able to know where you should advertize depending on your needs.

Each level has its own engagement level, advertizing price range and set of actions that help its members to navigate to the upper level.

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I worked with brands that are leaders in their industry either on one-shot or long-term contracts.

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Projects are accepted only if they match our editorial line and if they bring value to the readers/followers. The editorial team has full power to refuse any request that, they think, does not meet those requirements.

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